Criminal Attorney in Chico

Although violent crimes are relatively low in Chico, there is still a rate of alcohol and drug related disturbances that is hard to ignore. Due to the large college population, Chico still sees enough crime to warrant a criminal attorney in Chico like North State Defender. Amaya & Associates is an experienced criminal attorney and can help you with whatever legal matters you are dealing with.

From DUI to vandalism, Amaya & Associates can help you with any legal decisions and situations you might find yourself in. If you’ve never dealt with the legal system before, it can be hard to understand how to fill out the necessary paperwork needed. Especially since deadlines and accuracy are important, having a good criminal attorney in Chico is absolutely vital.

Amaya & Associates have been practicing in the Chico area for years, which means the attorneys have developed relationships with the DAs to better negotiate on behalf of their client. Amaya & Associates can guide and help you complete all the necessary steps it takes to get where you need and put the past behind you. Call them today!

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Moving to Kent, WA.

After living in Seattle for five years, I was ready to move a little farther out from the city. I called Local Seattle Movers immediately once I had a place and a move-in date. I was living in an apartment with my girlfriend, then fiancee and now wife for that long, too. But now that we have a baby on the way, we figured it would be a good idea to get a bigger space in a place that would be good to raise a family.

Five years ago, if you had asked me if I would ever move out of Seattle, I would have said, “Never!” But, as I’ve grown older, I’ve seen my priorities shift. I love the city, it just doesn’t have as much to offer me now. I’m no longer interested in going out every weekend– I’d much rather just share a bottle of wine with my wife and watch a few episodes of our favorite TV show.

I’d like to think that I’m not getting boring in my old age, but maybe I am. At least when the movers from Puget Sound Moving came to move our stuff they thought we were about ten years younger than we are. So, that’s pretty cool, I think. I am excited to see what the future brings my family in the years to come. It’s not Seattle, but maybe it’s better!

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A Beautiful Mind

At the new Empathy Therapy location in Midtown, Sacramento, they believe in the beauty of the mind. It’s also true that their own therapy clinic is quite beautiful too. When you visit their offices for a therapy session or treatment, you will feel immediately calmed and welcomed, unlike at other therapy offices that are sterile and dull looking.

The staff at Empathy Therapy are different too. Most importantly, they recognize that every patient they see is different from the next and requires unique attention and treatment. Dr. Chofla, the lead psychiatrist at Empathy Therapy, is a physician, executive life coach, and psychotherapist. He is experienced and well educated and will make sure that you feel safe and comfortable.

If you are looking for a therapist in the Sacramento area, look no further than Empathy Therapy. They have just opened and are currently taking on new clients. Act fast, or you may not be able to take advantage of this rare opportunity to have a well-rounded and experienced therapist like Empathy Therapy!

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Sweat Sweat Sweat in Sacramento

When the time comes that your air conditioner is broken (and it will happen), make sure you call the right air conditioning company in Sacramento. For the record, that’s Alley Heating & Air, the best air conditioning repair company in town! Alley Heating & Air is a great company because they can provide a lot of great service and get it right the first time, every time.

If you’re still not sure that Alley Heating & Air is the air conditioning repair company for you, here’s another reason: they are affordable. They offer competitive pricing and do very great work– the best you can get! Yet another thing that they are great at is being available when you need it. It is really helpful because air conditioning doesn’t always break during office hours.

The next time that you have an air conditioning crisis, you should call Alley Heating & Air because they will do a great job with repairs, they are friendly, will be flexible with their hours, and they are affordable. Do you need any other reasons to get excited about that?

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A Rough Day

I had been sober for 5 years when I gave in and had a drink before I was going to a wedding. And because of that drink, I ended up in jail and had to hire a DUI Chico attorney It was the wedding of someone I cared for it it made me sad that they were moving on. I regret feeling that way, but more than anything, I regret my actions later that night.

It all started off innocently. I just wanted to calm my nerves. But then I went to the wedding and had even more alcohol. I just liked the freedom of being able to have it. And no one could stop me. But perhaps someone should have. Perhaps that person should have even been me.

Instead, no one stopped me and so when I left the wedding, I blew a .098. I immediately called Amaya & Associates because they were the ones who helped me for my first DUI. I was sad to have to call them again. But they passed no judgement and started working to help me immediately. I appreciate that I knew that I had someone I could trust when I got my DUI in Chico.

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Masters of Windows

 California Window Masters, is aptly named, as it is in fact the Master of Windows. We had a borderline case where we maybe could have waited a year longer to get new windows, but what we didn’t see (and what they pointed out) was that there was some rotting near the window that was also contributing to the fact that it was hard to keep our house cool or warm.

California Window Masters suggested that we get energy-efficient windows installed because not only would the new windows prevent air from getting into the home, they would also help maintain the internal temperature. In addition, having energy-efficient windows would also help with the bills because the less energy you use to cool or heat your home, the less you have to pay for monthly energy bills.

All of that aside, the thing that impressed me most about California Window Masters was that even though they had great replacement windows in our San Jose home, their service was unbeatable. They weren’t trying to sell me on anything, they were just trying to save me money in the long run. That’s something I truly admire in a company!

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Took My Properties Off My Hands

We needed to find a new property manager, and Vienna Sacramento Property Managers were the answer for us. They know the area and take care of hundreds of properties throughout the city of Sacramento, so they know the drill and exactly what to expect.

I had one property in particular that has always caused me problems. It’s an older house so my tenants are always calling me with things that need to be fixed and things going wrong. With Vienna I no longer have to answer these calls and worry about these small mishaps.

Vienna takes care of everything and just fills me in on what is happening. It’s a great setup. I still know everything that’s going on with my properties but I don’t have to lose sleep over it or worry like I did before. Couldn’t have asked for a better situation!

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New Vending Options

We have an old vending machine in our office and it was time to get it replaced, so I called San Francisco Bay Area Vending Services to get us a new machine. They are a great local company and offer all different types of services for vending purposes.

Once I signed up with them, which was so easy, they came and installed the new machine. We didn’t have to do a thing. They even got it all stocked for us right then and there so we weren’t waiting around to use it.

Everyone loves the new machine, especially the new food options that are available. This company has healthy options and different things than you normally see in a typical vending machine. They let you choose exactly what you want in the machine. Couldn’t have picked a better company.

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Moving My Garage

I owned a small body shop in San Francisco but was moving to a bigger space. I needed help moving all of our stuff. We had a lot of heavy items so I knew I’d have to find just the right company to do it. I looked on Yelp and found Golden Bay Movers of San Francisco with 5 stars and over 160 reviews.

They’re a local San Francisco company and I knew that many great reviews couldn’t be wrong. They were able to schedule the move when I needed it and let me know that the items I had would be no problem to move. I was stoked I had found them.

They showed up and got straight to work. They even packed everything up for us, so I didn’t have to worry about anything. I knew all the items were in good hands. Everything made it to the new garage in perfect condition, and they put everything in place where I asked them to. Awesome company.

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Seattle Movers

I needed to find a Seattle moving company to move all of my stuff into my new apartment. I had been living at school and was now making my move to the city to start a new job. I called Puget Sound Moving, Movers in Seattle, and scheduled the day.

They were able to schedule the exact day I needed and quoted me very fairly. They even pack everything up for you which was a relief, I didn’t want to have to worry about buying all the boxes and wasting my time packing up.

They showed up on moving day right on time and got to work. They were really friendly and made an incredible team. They have it DOWN. They get stuffed moved so fast it’s almost hard to believe. Couldn’t have chosen a better company than Puget Sound Movers.

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